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  • Eric Seemann , delaFIT Testimonials

    I am never disappointed in the professional level of instruction that I receive or the workout that I experience. The ladies at De La Fit are simply the best. They are constantly changing equipment, updating workouts, and making it "fresh" every visit. If you want a total body workout, that strengthens your core, and helps you to achieve your health and fitness goals, I recommend that you stop in or give them a call.

    Eric Seemann
  • Matt B., delaFIT Testimonials

    If you are looking for a place to feel at home when you go to a gym or a private personal training session De La Fit is the place for you. Weather you are looking for individual training or small group training sessions, De La Fit offers all kinds of different options for your fitness. Steffanie, Monica, Diana, Teresa, and the rest of the staff are passionate and dedicated to helping all of their clients and prospective clients be the best they can possibly be. De La Fit = Fitness for everyone! Stop by today to see what they have to offer!

    Matt B.
  • Jeanne Seemann , delaFIT Testimonials

    The trainers at DeLaFIT are highly professional. They treat each person as a unique individual while they listen carefully to their needs and desired outcome. This is a great program whether you are recovering from injuries and need to strengthen your body or you want to continue to sculpt an already fit physique.

    Jeanne Seemann
  • Crystal H., delaFIT Testimonials

    I met the owner Stefannie at a LocalFirst AZ event and was so interested in her place. I had been looking for a "gym" but I had very specific wish list. I didn't want a big box gym, didn't want Barbie's hanging out doing nothing while I'm sweating like a pig and trying to lose 50 lbs, wanted a local place that was intimate but encouraging and full of energy. I also wanted something that wasn't just an aerobics class but something that really focused on strength and endurance. Well what do you know...DeLa Fit!

    I tried the free introductory Tricore class she offers and wow. 18 minutes of endurance/cardio, 20 minutes of strength training, and another 20 of flexibility which was pilates. This isn't stuff for your grandma (unless grandma is a badass). Rowing, lunging, twisting, medicine balls, terracore squats with weights, backward burpees and then finally....pilates. I think they do offer other classes and personal training but this is just the Tricore program that I'm reviewing. The trainers are knowledgeable and very encouraging. Not in a ridiculous cheerleader way but just enough of what you need to feel good. They also offer bottled water and nice clean fresh towels.The equipment is nice, new, and clean. They make sure after each group goes through, they sanitize and wipe each piece of equipment. They focus heavily on form and doing it the right way to prevent injury. You get the personalized attention that you would not get from a big box gym or even Orange Theory at this point (they are just too big now).

    The last couple of weeks have been extremely stressful for me and I was starting to get in a rut and my energy was very low. I was very tense and was hoping this would help me a little. I felt incredible after. I know that sounds cliche but seriously, I was so relaxed on my drive home and barely had enough in me to take a shower before hitting the pillow. I was sore the next day but not too bad. I definitely will be signing up for the 2x a week plan which will be just enough for me. One thing I wish they did have was a locker room with showers. I go here after work and it would be nice to jump in for a quick shower before I drive all the way to west valley, which is where I live but I'll sacrifice that for everything else. They do have a good sized bathroom with nice hygiene products for use, which was nice. They also have a cubbie up front that you can put your purse, bag, keys whatever. It's always within eye shot too.

    Give her introductory free Tricore class a try - you will not regret it.

    Crystal H.
  • Kara Beer, delaFIT Testimonials

    Their expertise, individual approach, and custom workouts helped save my back. I am now painfree after suffering with an extruded disk for years. And I am stronger than ever before in my life.

    Kara Beer
  • Tracy M., delaFIT Testimonials

    I have been going to DeLaFIT for over 3 years, and I love it! The classes are small allowing for personal attention and focus on each individual's needs and goals. I started going based on a friend's referral and even though I live in Chandler and 40 minutes away, I continue to go because I've seen wonderful results. The trainers know what they're doing and ensure you are using proper form for maximum results. They hold you accountable. And they're motivational and push you to levels you never thought you could reach. I think the best part is there is no shaming. I'm on the heavier side but never feel shunned. Everyone looks out for each other. Truly FITNESS FOR EVERY BODY!

    There are class times to fit any schedule and the membership fees are worth the value for the personal attention you receive. The gym is well equipped and exercises vary to keep your interest.

    Tracy M.


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